Q. How do we know your MIT Report accuracy? How to check your report Accuracy. How do you authenticate your MIT Report Accuracy?

Ans. MIT Report Accuracy is depends on Fingerprint Analyst and MIT Software Technology.

MIT Lab is an International Certified Company. All Our Fingerprint Analysts are certified and Qualified Professionals.

Our MIT Software Built on using AFIS Technology. Our MIT Software Comes with Semi-Automatic Process. Fingerprint Analysis will be done manual and software both. MIT Report will be generated using Software. By Which Semi-Automatic Process we get 95% Report Accuracy.

If you want to check real time Report Accuracy, we always recommend. First Take your Own MIT Test with us, Send us your Scanned copy of fingerprints. We will send you the reports, then see the results. We assure that you will be 100% satisfy with our report accuracy.